H1-H6 Typography

Here we can set different typography for different heading types from H1 to H6 along with their responsiveness.

H1-H6 Typography

This section controls the typography for all H1-H6 headings.

1. Font Family Select the font family from the drop-down list. Here you can select the System Font or the Google font for the whole Body of your website

2. Alt Font Family If the browser does not support the first font family, it tries the Alternate font family.

3. Font Weight Select the font-weight from the list, it will define how bold your text is.

4. Font Size Set the font size you need to use in the text element.

5. Letter Spacing Set the needed distance between letters.

6. Line Height line-height property specifies the height of a line.

7. Text Transform Set the font transformation, if needed (uppercase, capitalize and lowercase).

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