Astroid Framework is develop with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Astroid lets you manage every aspect of your Joomla website without writing a single line of code. Its intuitive interface helps you build performant and responsive websites the easy way.

Astroid is also a powerful modern framework for designers & advanced developers alike. Designers can appreciate its incredible flexibility to build exactly what is in their minds without compromises. For developers, it ensures extremely fast and robust Joomla-based websites and templates based on the latest web technologies standard.

Available in multiple languages, Astroid is proud of its lean modern code built entirely around the core power of Joomla. No re-inventing the wheel like other bulky frameworks bypassing Joomla's fantastic abilities and forcing users to adopt their awkward proprietary systems.

Astroid gives you total integration and even enhances all Joomla capabilities making this CMS a Winner of the most prestigious Awards year after year over WordPress and other well-known CMS.

See the “CMS CriticAwards Page (worldwide recognized most trusted CMS Industry resource, News and reviews channel since 2008)

The Launch!

Astroid Framework v1.0 was born in 2018 and built by JoomDev, a long-time well-known Joomla team of talented developers. In 2021 they decided to release this beautifully crafted framework to Open Source (Like Joomla). Their last release was v2.5.4 (32 releases in all).

Templaza, another well-known Joomla & WordPress team of developers, works with Joomdev to develop Astroid and bases their own Joomla templates on the Astroid framework. When release to Open Source, Templaza decided to carry the torch to the future.

In 2023, Templaza (and the growing community) released more than 20 new versions, enhancing this already great Framework and doing so regularly.

Templaza Releases on GithubTemplaza Astroid Templates

Many international Devs, like Joomlaplate in Germany, and other great coders worldwide and numerous contributors are now participating in this great project and also producing Astroid Templates. e.g. Joomlaplates Astroid Templates

Today Astroid is possibly the most powerful companion to Joomla!

You are welcome to participate.

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