Banner Options

Your banner will be positioned based on where you have published the Banner section in the layout manager, by default it’s displayed above your content and below the header (menus, logo, etc).

After you enable Banner from the menu settings then you have the following options available:

  • Enable banner title: Choose whether you want to show the banner title or not. If yes, then these options are available:

    • Banner title: Enter the banner title text.

    • Banner subtitle: Enter the banner sub-title text.

    • CTA button: Click on + to add new call-to-action buttons for the banner

    • Text color Enter the banner title text color.

    • Subtitle text color: Enter the banner sub-title text color.

    • Banner title tag: Choose the banner title tag.

    • Banner subtitle tag: Choose the banner sub-title tag.

    • Background color: Set the background color of the banner from the color picker.

    • Background image: Select an image for the banner.

    • Banner class: Enter a custom banner class.

    • Banner height: Adjust the height of the banner.

    • Banner layout: Select the layout of your banner. Which can also be managed from Astroid Banner section settings.

    • Banner visibility: Choose whether you want to show the banner on the menu item’s linked pages or not.

NOTE:- To change the font size of the Banner Title, you can select a different html tag where H1 will give you a much higher font size compared to H6 or paragraph. You may also use the CSS below to customize the text size of the banner title, just add this code to your custom.css file. .astroid-banner .astroid-banner-inner .astroid-banner-title { font-size: 60px; } For Subtitle

.astroid-banner .astroid-banner-inner .astroid-banner-subtitle { font-size: 20px; }

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