Creating a basic Astroid Template

Want to create your own template using Astroid Framework? Or wondering how & where, to begin after installing Astroid on your Joomla? Enough of scratching your head now, below are the basic steps listed for creating your own template using the “Amazing” Astroid Framework:

  • Go ahead and install the Astroid package(both Framework & Template) on your Joomla. Download Here!

  • After installation, go to Extensions > Templates > Templates. Click & Open Astroid_template_zero Details.

  • On the Template Customize page, click on Copy Template button & Name the copied template as per choice(eg. tz_xxxx) & then click on copy template button.

  • Now under template Styles you will see your newly created template on Astroid framework. Set this template as Default.

  • After creating your own template, Delete the Astroid_template_zero from Style & Uninstall the Astroid Template_zero file from your Joomla.

  • Start working on your newly created template with the different options provided by the Astroid Framework and style your astroid-based template as you like.

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