Lazy Load Images

Its main purpose is to load the images as soon as you scroll down along the page because downloading media takes more time than the content on a page thus improving the user experience.

In Astroid you can find the Lazy Load option under the Miscellaneous tab, just enable it to start lazy loading of the images throughout the website. But you can also make some specific selections as per the requirements:

  • Selected Images- Add the image names that you wish to include or exclude throughout the website in lazy load. You can add any image format name be it svg, png, jpg or jpeg, each name be separated by the enter button.

  • Selected Components: Add the component name whose images you want to include/exclude in lazy load like com_content, or com_easyblog and similarly others, wherein each name be entered on the next line.

  • Selected URLs: Here you can add the complete site url specifically whose images you want to include/exclude from lazy load, each should be entered in a new line.

  • Selected Classes: Write the class name whose images you specifically want to include/exclude from lazy load here like class =”jdb-layout-1 jdbuilder” and others like that.

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