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In this section we have:

  • Module Position: Select a suitable module position where you want to display this feature.

  • Feature Load Position: If there are other modules published to this module position, you can select whether the content of this feature should be displayed below or after the module(s) published to this position.

  • Style: Choose the style of how you want to show your Social profile on your site, the default value is Inherit color and the other is its Brand color(that is the company social icon color).

The brand colors will take those companies' relative color schemes.

We have all 20+ types of Predefined Social Profiles and one can also add custom Social Profiles.

  1. Facebook

  2. Messenger

  3. Twitter

  4. YouTube

  5. LinkedIn

  6. Instagram

  7. WhatsApp

  8. Pinterest

  9. GitHub

  10. Spotify


  • Add Custom Profile: You can also add a custom social profile if you do not find one from the mentioned. Click on Add Custom Profile, a section will pop up where you can add Link, Social Icon class and the icon Color.

In order to publish the Social Profiles in more than one place, follow these simple steps:

  1. Under Layout, the section creates multiple module positions where you want to show the social profiles. (e.g. PositionName: astroid-top-social)

  2. Then go to Social Profiles section and set the module position to the one you created. (e.g. PositionName: astroid-top-social)

  3. Also if you want to show the social profiles on the header. Just change the module position to the one you created. (e.g. PositionName: astroid-top-social)

See the video above for a quick walk-through on how to add social profiles.

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