Wide Vs Box Layout

Astroid offers you an option to display your website with a wide or box layout.

Boxed layout options:

  1. Background Image: Choose the background image for the site.

  2. Background Repeat: Choose whether you want to repeat the background image or not from the different options available: Inherit, Repeat All, Repeat Horizontally, Repeat Vertically or No repeat.

  3. Background Size: Adjust the size of the background image selected from the option provided: Cover, Contain and Inherit.

  4. Background Position: Adjust the position of the image where you want it to be displayed from the options: Inherit, Left Top, Left Center, Left Bottom, Right Top, Right Center, Right Bottom, Center Top, Center Center, Center Bottom.

  5. Background Attachment: You can choose whether the image will move with the page scroll or not using: Scroll, Fixed or Inherit.

Wide Layout

When the wide layout is enabled, you can set the container width.

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