Row Settings

Add New Row option is provided along with the section name. Other editing options are provided to the right of each row that is Edit Grid, Duplicate Row, Edit Row & Delete Row icons.

When you click on Edit Row icon, a popup opens that has 3 different tabs General Settings, Design Settings & Responsive Settings. With these settings, you can customize your row easily.

General Settings

Under this tab, the options are as follows:

  • Custom Class- Write the class name used for writing custom CSS or JS.

  • Custom ID- Give a custom ID to override the auto-generated ID.

Design Settings

Under this tab the options are as follows:

  • Animation- Choose animation for the section. You can also set the Animation Delay time in the next step.

  • Background Type- Select the background type for your section from None, Color, Image, Video or even add a Gradient.

  • Custom Colors- Enabling this you can add custom colors to any text or link within the row.

  • Spacing- Add margin and padding values over the row to improve its appearance on different devices.

Responsive Settings

,Under this tab the only option is:

  • Device Visibility- Choose your preference of hiding or showing the section on different screens like Hide on Extra Small Devices, Hide on Small Devices, Hide on Medium Devices, Hide on Large Devices or Hide on Extra Large Devices.

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