Color Mode

Enable Color Mode in Astroid Plugin

Please go to System > Manage > Plugins > Search Astroid plugin > Enable the color mode.

Enable Color Mode in template options

Go to Template styles > open your style> Template Options > Basic > Page Settings > Enable the color mode

  • Color mode: Enable the color mode feature.

  • Color Mode Default: Choose Light or Dark that will be the default mode ( or it will be inherited as the default color mode of the framework).

  • Module position: Select a module position in which you want to display the color mode element.

  • Feature load position: Choose after or before the module.

About Feature Load Position:

  • After module / Before module: If there are other module(s) published in the same module position, you can select to display the content of this feature either below or after the module(s) published in this position.

Adjust the color modes

After enabling the color mode, you should go to the Color section and set up the color for the body, header, main menu, sticky menu, off-canvas menu, drop-down menu, mobile menu, and footer in both light and dark modes.

If you do not adjust the color between light and dark modes, you will not see changes when changing the color mode in the front end.

Edit the color for each section manually

You can change the background color and customize the color for each section in the layout by editing a section > Design tab > Turning on the background color > editing the color of both light and dark modes

Turning on the Custom code, you'll be able to change the text color, link color and link hover color.

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