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Export & Import template configurations in Astroid 3.x
In the Astroid 2.x, the import and export Astroid settings were separated into 2 sections, but since the Astroid 3.x, the framework offers the Preset Profiles that carry both import and export functions.
Preset profiles

How To Export

You can easily export all your Astroid settings by clicking the Save Preset to save all the template configurations. Then click on the Download Preset to save the preset (JSON file) on your computer.
Save the template preset
Download the preset

How To Import

Importing is as easy as exporting, just click import and select the JSON file from your computer.
Steps to Import the File:
1. Click on the Import option. 2. Enter the preset's title, and description and choose a preset JSON file from your computer.
Import a preset
Choose your preset file
3. Click on Open, and submit. Then the preset file will be successfully imported.
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